batti on off

we are happy that battigayo shut down

back then, the acute issue of crippling power shortage that nepal was going through for the past decade has been eradicated as of may, 2018 thanks to the great work done by mr kulman ghising, the current managing director of nepal electricity corporation. no more load shedding yay!!

we can’t thank you more for your leadeership in solving this long-running issue. great work, sir.

Kul man ghusing

Mr. Kul Man Ghising

the man who helped battigayo to shut down.

the battigayo story…

battigayo was developed as a way to give something back to the community and solve an existing problem. the app helped everyone plan out their schedule around the ongoing power shortage in the country. with no more load shedding, we just love saying that :), the services offered by our popular ios app battigayo is redundant.

we'll always remember the moment when we all here at idealaya realised that our users do not require the services offered through our application anymore. we have stopped the development of the app and pray that we’ll not need to revive it in the future. we have loved every minute of working on this app and cherish the relationships created during the process.

we love creating simple solutions to everyday problems and are always on a lookout for new problems to tackle. we look forward to your continued support and suggestions moving forward.

thank you all our 100k plus users for your wonderful feedback and support.